bclotto.io - Blockchain Lotto based on NEM [BETA][Testnet]


1180 XEM

Last draw

a5 (Testnet)

Next draw


1. Guess the first 2 numbers of the next block hash after Saturday 18:00 UTC.
2. It is a HEX code, so possible are: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,a,b,c,d,e,f
3. Create a transaction and type the numbers in the message field. Example: 5b
4. Send minimum 10 XEM and the message to the following lotto address:


If your tip is correct, you will get 90% of the jackpot back to your address.
7% of the jackpot will stay in the pot.


  • Transparent: Everything can traced back, any time.
  • Anonym: No account or personal information needed. The transaction alone is enough.
  • Trustful: Controlled by tech and logic, not by the state.
  • Automated: This lotto system runs full automatic, no humans needed.
  • 97% payout: State controlled lotto has only 50% !
  • Fast: Receive the jackpot right after the draw.
  • Based on NEM ♥


This is a bit different to the 6of49 lotto you already know. We use the blockchain hash instead of numbers written on balls.
Every few minutes the NEM network is creating a new block. Each block has a unique hash which is impossible to forecast.
So you must guess the first 2 numbers of this hash, put them in a message and send 10 XEM to the lotto address. Thats it!

Every Saturday 18:00 UTC a new draw will trigger and the lotto system is waiting for the next block created by the NEM network. After the block appears, the system compare your prediction with the block hash.
If your prediction was correct, 90% of the jackpot will be transmitted back to your sender address.
More will come...


  • Running an own NEM-Node to securely initiate transactions. We will do this on a Raspberry Pi first, later on a server.
  • Do an automated withdrawal of the jackpot.
  • Create a logo, pimp up Twitter and Telegram
  • Create a nice looking website (This site is only to show some information, please be patient)
  • Get out of the Testnet to Mainnet.
  • Fiat -> XEM Gateway
  • Withdrawal History.
  • Create a Twitter Bot, to post the draw.
  • Replace the traditional lottery system worldwide by Blockchain Lotto. lol
  • BETA Release.
More will come...